Strategic Planning Initiative

The client had grown rapidly from small regional start-up to a multiple-office nation-wide firm. Along with this explosive growth came a rapid succession of new hires and a drastic change in the types of clients they served and the markets the competed in. They had grown beyond the original vision of the founder and had not established a new vision. They were not sure what exactly they had grown into or what markets they should compete in moving forward. We recommended they form a Strategic Planning Committee to rediscover their core values and purpose and develop a new Vision and a plan to achieve it. We worked with the President to select representative team for the planning process. Once the committee was selected we facilitated the committee meetings. The committee began by developing/codifying Mission, Vision, and Values for company which were submitted to the Board of Directors for approval. Once approved, the committee moved on to developing a Strategic Plan. During the analysis phase we assisted them by conducted research on employee needs, market place, company products & services, technological opportunities & challenges, and external threats. The committee then presented the results of the analysis to group of interested parties who provided suggestions and ideas based on their finding. We helped them sift through these suggestions and translate them into a Strategic Action Plan with multiple SMART annual objectives. The committee continues to meet monthly to review progress on strategic objectives.


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