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Professional Service Automation Software Implementation

The client had grown beyond their existing QuickBooks enterprise software and needed to select and implement a comprehensive timekeeping, accounting, reporting, and project management software with real-time dashboard capabilities to give them insights into project and company performance. We researched and developed implementation plan for transition from QuickBooks Enterprise Software to an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)/Professional Services Automation (PSA) system. We worked with various members of the management team to understand their concerns with a new system, performance requirements, and issues with current related company processes and current system. We reviewed various ERP/PSA systems and recommended Ajera. We developed estimated costs to implement, a timeline for doing so, and performed cost benefit and break-even analyses. We presented our analyses to the management team and the Board of Directors, which both agreed with our recommendation. We lead the implementation and transition to Ajera software. We worked with corporate accountant to set up new software, transfer beginning balances for accounts and projects, and adjust chart of accounts to fit the requirements of the new structure. We developed customized financial reports specific to the client's business needs. We developed security and control processes within the system. We redesigned operational processes to integrate new software capabilities, created training and process documentation of these processes, provided company wide training sessions to walk all levels of employees through the elements of the software system specific to their employee level (ex. Staff Engineer, Project Manager, Department Head, Principal, etc.). We developed in-software reports and dashboards showing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for projects and company.