Jon Augelli

Founder / CEO

Jon Augelli originally graduated with a B.S. in Civil Engineering and a minor in Business from the University of Wisconsin Madison. While working as an engineering intern one summer, he was asked to help analyze the performance of the contracts the firm had the past year. He found that his analytical and methodical engineering background paired very well with financial analysis. Through this assignment, he discovered his passion for cost accounting and financial analysis. He left the firm after graduation to work as a project manager at an earthwork firm for several years, until his original firm asked him to come back to manage their finances. 

Within a few years of his return he was promoted to Controller. During those few years, he identified improvement opportunities in the firm’s existing project management and reporting systems. After researching options, he determined the optimal solution was to implement a Professional Service Automation system. He put together a business case and convinced senior management and the Board of Directors to move ahead with his proposal. They selected him to spearhead the initiative. He designed the control systems and processes to integrate the software with their professional practice, supervised the implementation, and trained all staff in the firm on the use of the new system. The implementation drastically reduced the labor required to perform several key business functions (yielding a substantial cost savings) and gave project managers access to detailed, real-time information on their projects’ budgets allowing them to significantly improve performance and customer satisfaction. 

He simultaneously identified that the firm was undergoing a fundamental change in direction, having grown beyond its roots and experiencing a shift in the types and size of clients, the services they offered and the technical expertise they maintained. He convinced senior management and the Board of Directors to create a Strategic Planning committee comprised of key individuals from the organization. The committee was tasked with developing the Mission, Vision, and Values of the company and creating a 3-year growth plan with annual business objectives reviewed and updated annually. As a member of the committee, he worked to develop these key components and achieve Board approval. The plan was successfully implemented, and the committee met regularly to review objectives and set new targets. 

Jon was appointed to the Board of Directors at age 28 and provided insights, analysis, and guidance to his firm as they expanded from a Wisconsin-based firm to a nationwide firm opening three additional offices in Minnesota, Washington, and Texas. He was head of several special task forces, including revising the company bonus and incentive plan and developing process and policy manuals. 

He served simultaneously as both the Chief Financial Officer and as the lead Construction Engineering Project Manager managing multiple $300,000 plus contracts, including several complex, moveable bridge rehabilitation projects. As his firm expanded across the country, he helped navigate reporting compliance with multiple states and devised solutions to meet those needs.  After several years, he decided to transition out of engineering to pursue accounting and finance full-time. He opened the doors to Augelli Consulting in 2019 and has been providing financial insights and guidance to business owners ever since.

In his personal life, Jon is the youngest 7th degree black belt in the Chung Do Kwon World Tae Kwon Do Association and runs a Tae Kwon Do school in Madison, WI. He is also an ASA certified sailor and enjoys playing guitar, traveling, cooking, and hiking. He lives with his wonderful wife who is a talented trusts and estates attorney.



Certified Management Accountant