About Our Business

Why We Started

Our founder, Jon Augelli has always been inspired by the passion of small business owners. Their dreams and their drive are the true representation of the American spirit. Their dreams are the American dream. His father and grandfather immigrated to America and built the life of their dreams here. His family is full of business owners, and he saw the passion and drive they pour into their businesses. His first job in college was working in a small business, where he was mentored by the founder and saw again the love and dedication he poured into his firm. These experiences inspired him to found his own company to help all business owners achieve their dreams. 

Augelli Consulting, LLC does this by helping business owners better understand their business, by providing guidance, strategy, and insights as a fractional Chief Financial Officer (CFO). We also help business owners in all industries preserve the legacy of their business by guiding them through a detailed and proven exit planning process, to help them achieve their exit goals.